《Ho Sin Hang and the Early Company Culture of Hang Seng Bank – A Founder’s Values and the Making of Company Culture》是《創辦人價值觀與公司文化構建──何善衡與恒生銀行早期文化》的英文譯本,由作者葉保強教授翻譯。中文版榮譽2021香港出版雙年獎(商業及管理)出版獎。

錄自葉保強教授及何順文教授著作著作《Ho Sin Hang and the Early Company Culture of Hang Seng Bank – A Founder’s Values and the Making of Company Culture》,歡迎訂購:實體書、電子書


Since Hong Kong began as a city, the British Colonial Government intentionally wanted to have it developed into an entrepot to give an edge to the British Empire’s trade in the Far East. Trade became the engine that propelled Hong Kong’s economy, leading the rise and prosperity of commerce. Hong Kong emerged because of commerce. Hong Kong thrived because of commerce. Commerce is the fundamental character of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a quintessential commercial city. Having agile minds, being energetic, having an oceanic mindset, ready to accept changes, possessing strong adaptive capacity, the people of Hong Kong have made this commercial city continue to develop successfully and transform. Beginning in the last century from a manufacturing-based economy in the 1950s through the 1970s, Hong Kong gradually and successfully transformed into a service-based economy in the late 1980s, and finally developed into an international financial center. During this period, Hong Kong demonstrated agile adaptability, resilient learning capacity, continuous self-transformation, developed in synchrony with development the times and created results that the city was proud of.

Apart from the British Hong Kong government’s small government and big society non-interventionist policies, the agility, hardworking, resourcefulness and good quality of its people were critical factors that made Hong Kong successful. Among these talented people, merchants constituted a critical group. Whether they were foreign merchants or Chinese merchants, they were the major contributors to Hong Kong’s present achievement. Take the Chinese merchants as an example. From merchants of the trade houses of Nam Pak Hong and Kam Shan Chuang operating the re-export trade in the early days, to the later day’s immigrant entrepreneurs from Shanghai, factory owners of numerous capital-strapped tiny factories and businesses, they were the heroes who contributed to driving the development of Hong Kong’s economy and its thriving commerce.